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About Us

Welcome to Weleful Toys! You’re probably wondering “what does Weleful even mean?” Well, it’s an olde English adjective which means to produce happiness or prosperity.
A little about us…we're a small family of three. I’m a stay at home Mama to my incredible son, born in 2016. My partner, Ross, works his day job in tech. We’ve always wanted to create open-ended learning and play experiences for our son, so as a hobby I started making toys for him. Now we get to share that experience with other parents and their littles and hope you love the happiness they bring as much as we do!
So why Weleful Toys? When we started making toys for other people, we wanted to focus on open-ended play to help little people use their imagination and creativity to take the toys and their play time to magical places. One of our first customers, Morgan, introduced us to the word weleful and we felt that “producing happiness” was the perfect description for our toys!